Your Vision


Creating a vision is an important coaching tool that helps each client connect with their innermost values and desires, and links it to their motivation to make the vision a reality. Some may find this exercise easy, while others will struggle with visualizing clearly what it is they want most for themselves. It requires a shift in thinking. The center of the vision is ultimately you, after all, and no body else. Not your family, friends or significant others. This vision is all about what you want in life, and this can be a hard shift to make for those who have spent much of their lives focused on the people around them.

A clear vision is so important to create because it actually begins to train our brain and nervous systems. We all have well worn paths of thought we tread down again and again. This is no coincidence – this is merely how the brain works. The more we think and do things, the easier it becomes to think and do those same things again. By creating a detailed vision that reflects what we want most in life, we are allowing our nervous system to lay down new tracks that we can hopefully reinforce with further thought and action. The more we focus on this vision, the better chance we have of bringing it into reality.

Understanding some of the neuroscience behind habit change is important, because we find that ultimately creating good habits that lead us to our ultimate vision is not just a matter of willpower. We can actually set ourselves up for success. We can begin making progress, even if it seems slow to us in the moment, towards a larger vision that has the power to transform our lives. We begin to see that we have always been moving forward, but without a clear vision, we weren’t going in the direction we wanted. Choosing where you want to be in life is something only you can do. No one else can choose for you. Therefore, its best to create a vision that reflects your wildest dreams and impossible hopes, because truly, within a vision, nothing is impossible.


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