The real purpose of insecurity


When we feel insecure, it seems like we have to change that thing we are insecure about. It might be our weight, our skin, overall appearance or other attributes. The thing is, an insecure feeling is a pretty significant feeling that can arise rapidly in a single moment especially when associated with a well established trigger. The changes that we think we need to make in order to feel secure again cannot be made in a single moment, which means that our insecurity has the potential to fully overwhelm us and fill us with anxiety, that no motivation to change can compete with. Feelings of insecurity, therefore, do not exist in order to alert us to fix the insecurity, but rather as challenges to us to fully embrace and accept the insecurity itself. By acknowledging the insecurity first, and then allowing it to exist with full acceptance, we manifest true courage to be our authentic selves.

Use those feelings of insecurity as a tool to become more mindful. As soon as you are able to become conscious after being hit with a wave of insecurity, ask what the deeper message is of that insecurity. Allow it to simply be, and recognize that it comes from a part of yourself that is calling out for love. Learn to sit with it, holding its hand intimately until the feeling relaxes. Slowly, you will become a healing balm not only to yourself, but to everyone around you.

I am not insecure so that I change anything about myself, I am insecure so that I learn to embrace it.

Insecurity is like the darkness, and acceptance is like the light. There is no way that the darkness can persist when the light is brought in.


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