5 ways wellness coaching can change your life

IMG_0558One of the most important people to include on your journey to wellness is a wellness coach.

These are professionals who already have an established background in the areas of healthcare, nutrition and exercise science and who have elected to undergo additional training and certification to help you reach your wellness goals. But a coach is not your nutritionist, trainer or your doctor. Unlike those other services, which some coaches might also still provide outside of their coaching business, you are not purchasing information or a program to follow. Instead, you are learning how to partner with your intuition through the guidance of your coach, so that eventually you can coach yourself. This is why coaching of any sort is so valuable and worth the investment.

Specifically though, how can wellness coaching benefit you?

1. Wellness coaching can change your past by changing your memories about the past. When we remember past events, our brains aren’t pulling out memories from a treasure chest. Instead, our brains actively recreate the memory in the present moment. This means that we can create what we need to remember. I’m not talking about deluding yourself to believe something happened that didn’t. But what I do mean is that through positive reframing, we can look back on past events that might not have gone so well for us and focus on how the event helped us learn and grow. Every situation we encounter, especially the negative ones, are ripe learning opportunities that teach us valuable information we need to develop as human beings. This can be difficult to do on our own because of our emotional entanglement with certain memories, which is why a coach is so valuable in helping you reframe your experiences so that you can learn the lessons that will propel you forward.

2. Your brain will literally alter its structure to allow for positive change. I’ve written about neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt physically to your experiences. By engaging with a coach, you will slowly start to change how your brain is wired, which is ultimately what will help you stick to your wellness goals. The more you interact with your coach, the more your neurons will start firing in a different way than what they have been used to. Through consistent follow-up and accountability, you can be sure that you will be more likely to stick to your positive behaviors, thus allowing your brain the time it needs to re-wire.

3. Each session will immediately decrease your stress. A coach is trained to listen to you deeply and hear the unsaid. For some of you, this might be the only time you experience this type of quality interaction with an empathetic and compassionate person who truly wants you to succeed. If you have ever experienced this type of conversation, you might remember how you felt “lighter” afterward, more emotionally balanced and able to handle the rest of the day. Imagine scheduling this time for yourself on a regular basis. One session alone can help decrease your stress immediately, but several sessions over time will improve your stress resilience overall so that you can conquer whatever comes your way.

4. Heal your mind, body and spirit. After years in medicine, one thing has stood out to me as the most important in living a healthy life. You have to be involved in healing you. No one can do it for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Most of the chronic health conditions we face these days are preventable, reversible, and linked to our emotional and spiritual health. Wellness coaching goes far beyond helping you to lose weight. It is a holistic healing process. If you have consulted any type of conventional or alternative healthcare practitioner in your life, and felt like you could still benefit from more help, I strongly urge you to consider trying out wellness coaching for a minimum of three months as an adjunct to what you are already doing. It will teach you how to facilitate your own healing on multiple levels.

5. Unlocks your creative potential. Coaching is a conversation, which in and of itself is an act of creation. Think about it for a second. When you are engaged in conversation, you don’t have a script you are reading from. You are creating the dialogue in the present moment. This is very much like any creative artistic endeavor, where you bring forth something new and different that has never existed before. Coaches use several techniques to get you thinking outside of the box, to help flex your creativity muscle so you can find new solutions to the same old problems. Over time, you may find that your creative ability in other areas is enhanced because of this new skill.

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  1. This is all very true.
    Dr. Shadia Alam is a fantastic Wellness Coach.
    I am a healthier, happier and better person because of her.
    She gave me one of the best gifts anyone could ever need or want. I can’t thank her enough.

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