What’s Eos in love?

I am a (nerdy) pathologist. I have a favorite cell. I have only revealed this information to a few close friends, but now that I am writing a blog that has been, in part, inspired by this favorite cell, I feel I should give credit where it’s due.

My favorite cell is the eosinophil.


An eosinophil is a subtype of white blood cell that circulates in our blood, and is responsible for mediating allergic reactions. But the reason that it’s my favorite, is that it is so incredibly distinctive, and one of the easiest cells to recognize under the microscope. In fact, it is just a delight to look at. In medical school, it reminded me of a raspberry wearing sunglasses, and what’s not to smile about that image? It’s just plain adorable.



This cell was named eosinophil because it has a “love” or affinity (phil) for the chemical stain eosin. This is what makes this cell look red under the microscope. And it’s nucleus is bilobed, meaning, instead of a single circle like most other cells, it actually has two lobes (that looked like sunglass to me. Or maybe I imagined it was wearing sunglasses because of the bright light shining through it from my microscope).

Because I’m not a total nerd, I didn’t want to call my blog “eosinophil”. After all, this is a spirituality and health blog, not a pathology blog. And then, lighting struck my brain (probably from Mount Olympus, as I’ll explain) and instead of keeping “phil”, I decided to use “love”. The MAIN component of both spirituality and health is actually love. Love ties it all together. Love is warm and bright, it illuminates our existence.

In Greek mythology, Eos was the goddess of the dawn, whose job was to open the gates of Heaven. She is described as being rosy fingered, and each day, it was she who would travel to Heaven, open the gates and allow the sun to rise. The world of the mortals was illuminated because of this precious task that Eos carried out, day after day. And like most Greek gods and goddesses, she was often in love.


So there you have it. “Eos in love” is a title that reflects my background in pathology, my belief in love as a healing force, and the powerful imagery of a dedicated Greek goddess who unlocked Heaven’s gates to allow the sun to rise.



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  1. I Agree. Love is an important part of health and healing. Without love, it becomes very difficult to heal. With it, anything is possible.

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